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We work with clients at every stage in their business journey, developing new brands, and nurturing existing ones. Whatever the circumstance, our mission is to construct a beautiful brand that feels fresh and relevant.

While your logo is an important first step, effective branding goes well beyond this single element.

We often get asked about the difference between logo and branding, so we figured we’d take a second to explain …

A logo is a graphic element which identifies your business or brand. While a brand (or visual identity, as it’s sometimes known) will always incorporate a logo, it actually goes much further. It will dictate everything from image style, to colour palette, font suite and all other design elements. Together, these foundational brand elements will become your visual language.

During the consultation and development process, we will not only consider the major foundational elements outlined above, but also many other aspects of your brand. The exact set of tools needed varies from project to project, but can include signage, flyers, brochures, folders, website, and product packaging.

But what does the process of developing a brand actually look like?

During some face-to-face time with you, we’ll work to develop an understanding of how you view your brand, and what will resonate with your audience. We’ll ask you about other businesses and brands you respect, as well as your goals and ambitions. This will help us to identify the branding you not only want, but also need.

Branding will dictate everything from image style, to your colour palette, font suite and all other design elements. Together, these foundational brand elements will become your visual language.

Taking all of this intel into consideration, we’ll go away and thoroughly research your market and industry, before entering the concept development stage.

This is where our attention to detail kicks in. We work to ensure every solution is carefully considered, and will help build a strong personality for your business that successfully captures its very essence. It is this level of care that sets us apart from the crowd.

And then, the really fun part … we’ll come back to you with lots of scenarios depicting where and how your branding could be used, before entering into an in-depth conversation to discover what you like and what you don’t, before the fine-tuning process begins. This is where we encourage you to be as nit-picky as you like! We’re more than happy to keep tweaking until you’re 100% happy you have a brand that authentically and positively conveys your business and its values.

Once your new or refreshed brand is good to go, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive Style Guide – AKA your ‘brand bible’ – outlining all the specifics of your branding and how it should be implemented across all collateral.

Beyond this, we’d love to stay involved. After all, we’re invested now and want your brand to be as successful as it can be. Over the long term, we can offer all sorts of on-going branding, design and marketing support that will ensure your brand is used appropriately and consistently for maximum impact.

We listen, discuss and bring thoughtful solutions
to our clients. Our approach is very clear – if we don’t
think you need it, we don’t recommend it.

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Our clients say the nicest things…

Expectations exceeded! I used Gruff Design to create, design and print a marketing brochure for a specific marketing campaign. Throughout the whole process, they kept me informed and up to date with suggestions and expert recommendations. I would not hesitate to recommend Gruff Design for all your graphic design needs.

Trinette McKoy - Remingtons Insurance

Gruff Design are exceptional designers. Their communication was great throughout our rebrand with them. They have a strong understanding of marketing, brand and how to connect to the right audience. I highly recommend their services.

Mia De Rauch - FlipSwitch Media

Gruff Design created our logo, brand and design of our business. Their creativeness and in depth knowledge was invaluable, highly recommend.

Paul Nelson - Nelson Financial

I’ve used Andrew from day one of my business and I’m so glad I did. With his laid back friendly approach you feel welcome and comfortable from the outset.

Quality of work is excellent and always a fair price. Good business brain that doesn’t try and up sell you. He also has a very strong referral network making him a great middle man for all your designing needs.

Boden Carkeek - Quality Care Electrical
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